Schuyler Companies’ laminated rubber bumpers are manufactured from 100% recycled tire material.

We’ve taken materials that would otherwise be land filled, and turned them into the most durable, long lasting fenders available in the market today. Environmentally conscious companies know that our fenders are the only ‘green’ alternative to traditional wood timber bumpers, and molded rubber fenders; both of which consume precious natural resources.

Decrease your carbon footprint

Oil is used to make virgin rubber fenders. We use recycled rubber to manufacture our fenders – hence no oil. This results in a considerable decrease in CO2 greenhouse gas emissions and increases carbon credits earned. Your carbon footprint will be decreased.

Schuyler Green Report

We can provide a detailed Green Report for every recycled rubber fendering project. We will quantify the carbon credits you have earned, the tons of CO2 emmissions your order has eliminated from the atmosphere, and the number of gallons of oil you have saved. Contact Schuyler Companies today for your custom Green Report.

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