Dock Fenders

For over 60 years, Schuyler Companies has engineered and manufactured a rubber fender product specifically designed for the tough environment of industrial barge docks, piers, and dolphins. Laminated rubber fenders offer improved durability and decreased maintenance costs when compared with wood timbers or extruded rubber fenders.

We’ve taken materials that would otherwise be land filled, and turned them into the most durable, long lasting fenders available in the market today. Environmentally conscious companies know that our fenders are the only ‘green’ alternative to traditional wood timber bumpers, and molded rubber fenders; both of which consume precious natural resources. In addition to depleting our forests, wood timbers are often treated with chemicals that are toxic to both people and the local wildlife.

Our clients appreciate the environmentally friendly product that actually works better than other comparable fenders (typically wood timbers). They simply last longer and are practically maintenance free.

We look forward to exploring any opportunities to assist you with design and costing of a fender system for your next project.