Tires for Dock and Vessel Protection

Schuyler Companies is a leading supplier of used whole tires. Schuyler has a dedicated sales team that will work with you to determine the right size tire, the appropriate mounting configuration, and mounting hardware. Schuyler can process the tires for their clients; drilling mounting and drain holes, supplying mounting chains and shackles, and fabricating custom mounting fixtures.

Tire Mounting

Schuler Maritime supplies a wide range of sizes for OTR truck tires, aircraft tires, and earth moving tires with everything need to mount the tire to a dock or vessel

Chain and Shackle Mounting

  • SM can supply all required mounting hardware
  • Tire mounting holes predrilled to customers’ requirements
  • Custom tire hanging assembly fabrication availabl

Chainless Tire Attachment

  • Custom designed and fabricated chainless tire hubs.
  • Tires secured with a proprietary tire hub assembly (no drilling of holes).
  • Tire mounting hubs closely resemble the way tires are secured on a vehicle.
  • No more chains pulling through or chains breaking.
  • Tire is less likely to fall into the water when damaged.

Push Knee Pads

Tow Pads have a tough resilient 2″ rubber pad bonded to a steel plate. A proprietary bonding method is used for superior rubber to metal bond. This improves the wear life of the tow knee in the most demanding marine environments.