Bow Fenders Overview

Schuyler Companies designs and manufactures several different innovative bow fender systems. They are manufactured to any shape and size.

  • Various Pitch, Rake, and Deckfall
  • Various thickness and softness
  • Bulwark Applications
  • Tapered and Mitered Transitions
  • Designed for quick installation
  • Made in the USA

SR3-D Double Loop Fender


  • Soft and Energy-Absorbant on Contact (Up to 500% greater deflection vs. solid extruded, molded, or laminated rubber)
  • Superior Holding and “Sticking” Ability
  • Faster and Safer Ship Docking


  • Stern Fenders of Tractor Tugs
  • Bow Fenders of Reverse Tractor Tugs and Conventional Harbor and Inland Tugs
  • Side Fenders
  • Underwater Submarine Fenders
  • Any Situation Requiring “Soft” and Energy Absorbing Performance


Single and Double Layer Bow Fenders

These fenders were originally designed by Schuyler, and are custom built of durable, laminated rubber — no other rubber is stronger. The rubber laminates are compressed onto high quality steel rods, welded or attached with nuts to end plates. The steel rod and plate frame is allowed to flex through the use of a patented hinge type assembly system. Chain links are installed top and bottom as specified, and the end plates can be flat bar or angle. Our fenders are manufactured for a tight hull fit. These models are also available with weld tabs.

Turk’s Head

The turk’s head is a universal bow fender, designed principally for the lower bow. It fits most any bow as it is adjustable and takes the shape of the boat as it is being drawn into place.

Precurved Bow Fender

The rubber laminates are laid at 90° to each other and retained with a combination of steel rods and/or cable. This fender was designed for increased strength and durability required by large radius bows and remains the most economical and durable alternative to extruded rubber.

Half Round Bow

This fender takes the place of old tires in tire type bow fender. This fender is versatile and can be used in a number of places, including push knees.

Vertical Bow

More durable and economical than extruded rubber. All weld tabs fit over and are welded to existing bow box.