Stern Fenders Overview

Today’s tugs perform multiple tasks: ship assist, barge assist, outside towing, and log sorting. Schuyler will design and manufacture your stern fender considering these challenges.

  • Bulwark application
  • Various thickness, and softness
  • Various rake, pitch and deckfalls
  • Tapered and mitered transitions
  • Designed to minimize line snags
  • Made in the USA

SR3-D Double Loop Fender


  • Soft and Energy-Absorbant on Contact (Up to 500% greater deflection vs. solid extruded, molded, or laminated rubber)
  • Superior Holding and “Sticking” Ability
  • Faster and Safer Ship Docking


  • Stern Fenders of Tractor Tugs
  • Bow Fenders of Reverse Tractor Tugs and Conventional Harbor and Inland Tugs
  • Side Fenders
  • Underwater Submarine Fenders
  • Any Situation Requiring “Soft” and Energy Absorbing Performance

Single Layer Stern Fenders

Model 101A

These special design stern fenders can be chain-hung or welded-on. Schuyler can design the fender to compliment the tug’s task and hull design.

Double Layer Stern Fender

Model 101C

Inner and Outer Layers are joined together with internal straps through the length of fender to prevent separation.

Vertical Stern Fenders

Model 105

Simply weld to tumblehome hull or lower stern for barge and scow protection. More durable and economical than extruded rubber.

D-Guard Stern Fenders

Model 130

Schuyler D-Guard is designed to be welded directly to the existing steel rub rail or bullworks, welded into channel, or chain hung to hull. The pre-curved sections come ready for installation — no need to scarf rail, build channel, or drill holes.

Tumblehome U-Huard and L-Guard Stern Fenders

Model 131, Model 132, and Model 133

More durable and economical than extruded rubber. All weld tabs fit over and are welded to existing bow box.